Call for Applications
for SIBF/CELA scholarship
to attend SIBF Annual Summit
Minneapolis, September 22-25, 2024
Apply by 25 May, 2024
There are 6 scholarships available for CELA members to participate in the SIBF Annual Summit in Minneapolis on September 22-25, 2024. This means that, unlike previous years, not every CELA country will be able to have a representative awarded with the scholarship.

Through the online application process, the applications will be collected and reviewed based on the eligibility criteria below and in consultation with Country Teams.

If the number of pre-selected applications is higher than 6, the winners will be selected randomly by drawing lots at one of the CELA EC online meetings. The meeting shall be recorded for any future reference.

The eligibility criteria for the scholarship recipients shall include, but are not restricted to the following:

1. Paying membership dues on regular bases (CELA 16 fellows must have paid it for the year 2024);
2. Being active in the network life at country level, i.e. recruiting new fellows, participating in the elections, showing up at gatherings and events, etc;
3. Preference shall be given to those from older CELA classes who have stayed engaged with the network;
4. Preference shall be given to those who have not received a scholarship for SIBF summits before;
5. Relevance of applicant’s professional activity and/or his/her interest in the topics of the Summit sessions;
6. Having served as Country Director, Consul, CELA Chair or with any other unpaid status in the past, or serving now;
7. Financial need;
8. Readiness and potential to serve as CELA ambassador during the Summit, i.e. attend all sessions, engage actively with sister network representatives and promote the event on social media;
9. The quality and content of the application.

SIBF scholarship this year covers only the program registration fee. The participants shall cover their own accommodation and travel expenses.
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Have you been paying your CELA membership fees regularly?*
If offered scholarship, will you commit to participate in all the events of the SIBF Annual Summit?*
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